Vision and Mission

Overarching Vision

To develop the IOFC into an Institute of excellence, a leading multi-disciplinary research Institute in Asia with significant impacts on academic research and urban theories and practices including policy, plans and design especially in Hong Kong, mainland China and Asia. It will also play a key networking role between the international urban research communities and the Chinese ones in Asia.


Three inter-related sets of more specific missions are identified as follows:


A Multidisciplinary Research Hub

The Institute will be a multidisciplinary research platform to facilitate innovative, collaborative and/or comparative research work and to serve as a learning site on research methodologies and consultation approaches in Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta and beyond.


A Teaching and Learning Platform

The Institute will serve as a learning and training platform for students, interns or even professionals in Hong Kong and mainland China, to nurture them to think BIG from multidisciplinary perspectives with both local/regional/national knowledge and global outlook.


A Knowledge Transfer Centre

Members of the Institute will offer advice and influence government policymaking through solid and evidence-based research work. It will also serve as a social learning centre to educate citizens and empower communities through theoretical and practical research innovation.