Story of the Month - November 2019

Story of the Month - November 2019 

每月故事 - 二零一九年十一 



Photo Caption: Prof. Tam, guests and performers in the opening ceremony (Photo credit: Connie Chan)



本中心的「多元文化行動計劃」於2019 年10月19日在葵興石籬(一)邨舉辦「多元文化在石籬」嘉年華,作為推廣正向族群關係和跨文化主義的知識轉移項目。


本計劃總監譚少薇教授在開幕致詞中指出, 香港很幸運地擁有多個族群在這裏定居, 讓我們每天都能享受豐富的文化特色, 如飲食、服飾、音樂藝術等, 我們只要抱持開放的眼光和胸懷,人人都可以是世界公民。


隨着開幕典禮的花炮聲,開始了多元文化表演。我們很榮幸邀請到印度舞教師Jackie Law 女士、尼泊爾裔的Ashmi女士, 和斯里蘭卡佛教與文化中心為嘉年華作表演嘉賓。他們分別表演印度古典舞、尼泊爾民族舞和斯里蘭卡融合舞蹈。Jackie為大家演出Rukmini Pravesam,是典型Kuchipudi舞劇序幕中的人物角色的自我介紹 (Daruvus)。Kuchipudi是源自印度南部安得拉邦的傳統舞蹈,亦是印度八種主要古典舞蹈之一,以多變的戲劇化表情及節奏快的舞步見稱。Ashmi則表演“到加里農場” 一曲,頌讚尼泊爾多元文化的一面,因為這首歌是講述某人回到祖國並欣賞她所留下的文化遺産。斯里蘭卡佛教與文化中心的融合舞蹈,通過將傳統鼓樂與現代音樂結合,向世界展示傳統鄉村舞的新詮釋。除了舞蹈表演,SARDA 樂隊為是次嘉年華演唱了一首名叫"Mero Prem" 的尼泊爾流行曲。Mero Prem 中文解作「愛我」,述説對愛情的看法; 雖然觀眾不懂尼語,但都被抒情的旋律打動。



精彩的舞台表演後,觀衆參加各個攤位活動,了解在港的少數族裔的不同文化——香港卡巴迪聯盟介紹了南亞運動卡巴迪的玩法和讓參加者一嚐這個亞運項目的滋味; 委内瑞拉裔的沃美娜女士設置了「拉丁角」, 介紹南美文化特色,還和大家玩piñatas; 斯里蘭卡佛教與文化中心向參加者介紹當地的香料和樂器。「多元文化行動計劃」則為大家帶來香港的巴基斯坦社群展覧, 以及民族服裝試穿體驗。






The “Multicultural Carnival @ Shek Lei” was organized by Multiculturalism in Action Project in Shek Lei (1) Estate on 19 October 2019. This event in Kwai Hing was a knowledge-transfer program which aimed at promoting positive relationships among different ethnic groups and the concept of interculturalism.


In the opening speech, Project Director Prof. Siumi Maria Tam pointed out that Hong Kong is blessed with various ethnic groups living here, enabling our enjoyment of a rich multicultural environment, through different cuisines, clothing, music and art etc. Prof. Tam added that we can all be global citizens by opening our mind and arms.



After the opening ceremony everyone enjoyed the performances by Indian dance teacher Ms. Jackie Law, Ms. Ashmi from the local Nepali community, and the Sri Lanka Buddhist Cultural Centre. They performed Kuchipudi, Nepali dance, and Sri Lankan fusion dance respectively. Jackie presented a daruvu from “Rukmini Pravesam”, a typical Kuchipudi style opening dance that introduces a character. Ashmi performed “Gairi Khet Ko” which celebrates the multicultural aspect of Nepal as the song is about someone returning to the motherland and appreciating its heritage. The fusion dance performed by Sri Lanka Buddhist Cultural Centre is an experiment to fuse up-country dance (with traditional drum beats) and the rhythms of modern music. After the dances, SARDA Band performed a Nepalese song “Mero Prem” which means "Love Me". The audience was touched by the romantic melody even though they did not know Nepalese.


Visitors then participated in the activities at the game booths, which aimed at enhancing understanding of Hong Kong’s ethnic diversity. Kabaddi United Hong Kong introduced a South Asian sport Kabaddi, and offered hands-on sessions for the public. Ms. Omaira who came from Venezuela set up a “Latin Corner” to introduce the characteristics of South America and played piñatas with the children. The Sri Lanka Buddhist Cultural Centre introduced Sri Lankan spices and musical instruments. In addition, Multiculturalism in Action Project set up an exhibition about the Pakistan community in Hong Kong, and provided various ethnic costumes for interested individuals to have a try.


Multiculturalism in Action Project is a project with support from The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund. Please visit more details and contents of our project. Please contact us for potential collaboration to co-create an intercultural Hong Kong and to promote positive ethnic relations. 


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