Story of the Month - October 2019

Story of the Month - October 2019 

每月故事 - 二零一九年十 



Photo Caption: Prof. Cheung takes a photo with guests and speakers (Photo credit: Connie Chan)













Our director, Prof. Cheung Chin-hung Sidney, had held a workshop about traditional incense of Song dynasty. Participants can enjoy making pomander and develop an understanding towards pomander making through the workshop.



Workshop had been divided into 2 parts. We had invited Ms. Takazawa Keiko and her son from Japan to introduce and demonstrate traditional incense for us, and then the participants could try to conduct the process. Traditional incense in Japan has been popular since heian period. Because of the influence of Buddhism, most materials come from China. Ms. Takazawa Keiko put aloes wood, sandalwood, borneol, clove, nader spikenar, benzoin, pistacia khinjuk, cuddy shell, musk and coal dust together. Then, honey was added and mix with the materials. After compaction and mixing, the spice was smashed into balls and should be placed for one year.



The second part was held by Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang first introduced the historical background of traditional incense. Spices have been used during Song dynasty for a variety of purposes, including medical, cooking and have been made into xiang zhu and xiang gao as women's products. Mr. Tang also introduced the differences between pomander making in Japan and China. Finally, Mr. Tang let participants to try making xiang zhu and xiang pai. Spices include gui zhi xiang and Hainan chen xiang were used. Water was added after spices were put together. We could make xiang zhu and xiang pai with different patterns by using different molds when spices were rubbed and weren’t sticky.



About 30 participants join the workshop. The workshop won’t be successful without active participation of participants. It is our pleasure to have Ms. Takazawa Keiko and her son and Mr. Tang being our guest speakers for this workshop.

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