Activating Active Transport

20160225 Zacharias activating active transport

Speaker: Prof. John Zacharias, Chair Professor, College of Architecture Landscape, Peking University

Date: 25th Feb 2016 (Thursday)

Time: 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Venue: Room 221, Chen Kou Bun Building, Chung Chi College





With growing concerns about public health in the developed world, policy-makers and planners have shifted to the everyday world of living to promote more active living styles. Efforts in planning at all urban and architectural scales have paralleled motivational training, incentives and early childhood education. Although the research results show promise, it remains relatively clear where efforts would be most effective, or whether some social and physical interventions are effective at all. I would like to focus on the physical environment in this talk, drawing on my own and others' research in support of effective interventions.


About the Speaker:
John Zacharias is Chair Professor at the College of Architecture and Landscape, Peking University since 2012. He was Director of the Urban Planning Programme at Concordia University prior to taking up his current position. His research is broadly located in the interface between environment and behaviour, with specific application in transport, urban planning, urban design and urban aesthetics. His publication can be found in the leading journals in these fields. His most recent book (2015) is entitled The CBD in China (in Chinese).