Artists As Citizens Of Utopia And Their Beautiful Troubles


Public and Community Talk Series - 7

Artists As Citizens Of Utopia And Their Beautiful Troubles

Date: 5th June, 2014 (Thursday)

Time: 5:30-7:30pm

Venue: 306, Esther Lee Building, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Speaker: Ms. Amy Cheung, Part-time Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, the Chinese University of Hong Kong


Amy Cheung is a conceptual artist, specialized in interdisciplinary collaboration, primarily uses “question-as-medium” to drive her creative process in dialogue with the public, in order to better understand human conditions in relation to society at large. For example, in A(VOID) 72 hours Sound and Vision, Made in Hong Kong 30.06.97 – 2.7.97, she utilized the symbolism of Lady Justice’s blindfold to undergo HK’s handover ceremony with support of 72 citizens, so she could “see” better. How could artists make so much trouble, why, for whom and for what? Is their belief of arriving at an ideal society by using the agency of art… only smoke and mirror? Amy will share works from Edi Rama, a painter who famously claimed at a TED talk “Take back your city with paint”, no the Prime Minister of Albania; Antanas Mockus, a philosopher and elected mayor of Bagota who hired 20 pantomime artists to direct traffic, and Mexican artist Pedro Reyes who turned guns into self-playing instruments… These beautiful trouble-makers have no stayed in their studios to make art registered with a high price tag and being hung comfortably at museums. Their troubles created social cohesion, hope and communal happiness that strongly testify art can function as a powerful engine for social transformation, a torch towards bringing us all closer to that better place we call utopia.