Being A Farmer At Ma Po Po Community Farm


Public and Community Talk Series - 4

Being A Farmer At Ma Po Po Community Farm

Date: 16th April, 2014 (Wednesday)

Time: 5:30-7:30pm

Venue: 303, Esther Lee Building, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Speaker: Mr. Chan Gar Sun, Ma Po Po Community Farm)

Chair: Dr. Bente Castro Campos, Department of Anthropology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong


Hong Kong's rapid urban expansion over the last decades is accompanied by a reduction and abandonment of agricultural land resources and displacement of villagers in the New Territories. Ma Shi Po village is one village under threat of demolition. Ma Po Po Community Farm is a remaining farm in Ma Shi Po village that was established in 2011 by activists. The members of the community farm grow vegetables based on permaculture principles and engage in different kinds of creative activities.

In this talk, Mr. Char Gar Sun speaks of his experience as a farmer at Ma Po Po Community Farm. He will give us an insight into his daily life and explain what it means to grow vegetables in a sustainable way. In addition to this theme, some of the public artworks in Ma Shi Po will be introduced.