Creative Arts and Education with Indonesian Foreign Domestic Workers


Public and Community Talk Series - 3

Creative Arts and Education with Indonesian Foreign Domestic Workers

Date: 2nd April, 2014 (Wednesday)

Time: 5:30-7:30pm

Venue: 202, Esther Lee Building, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Speaker: Mr. Chris Drake, TCK Learning Centre for Migrant Workers

Chair: Dr. Paul O'Connor, Department of Anthropology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong



The large number of Indonesian Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) coming to Hong Kong over the last decade has transformed the city. They are often presented as a marginalised group. Stories of underpaid, abused, and debt burdened FDW are numerous. However, there are also empowering stories of Indonesians who are pragmatically navigating the challenges of Hong Kong, using their time in the city to develop skills and engage in creative activities.

In this talk Mr Chris Drake from the TCK Learning Centre speaks of the services and opportunities the Centre provides to support Indonesian FDW, and the creative projects (traditional crafts, dance, ICT, and film making) that they are engaged in. These stories highlight the hopeful way in which Hong Kong has become more than a working environment for some of these workers. It has also become a place of empowerment, self improvement, and artistic outlet.

The talk provides an introduction to the situation of Indonesian FDWs in Hong Kong and a discussion of future developments by Dr. Paul O'Connor. In addition to these themes some of the artwork and film-making of the students at TCK will be showcased.