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[Event Recap] Multicultural in Action Project: Multicultural Carnival @ Shek Lei


“Multicultural Carnival @ Shek Lei” was held by Multiculturalism in Action Project in Shek Lei (1) Estate in Kwai Hing on 19th October. The carnival was one of the programs which aim at promoting positive relationships between different ethnic groups and transferring multiculturalism knowledge. Performers on that day included Ms. Jackie Law (Kuchipudi), Ms. Ashmi (Nepali dance), Sri Lanka Buddhist Cultural Centre (Fusion dance) and SARDA Band (Live song). Additionally, carnival set up thematic booths for the public to develop an understanding of different cultures of Hong Kong ethnic minorities. Kabaddi United Hong Kong introduced a South Asian sport, Kabaddi, to the public. Everyone could enjoy playing Kabaddi under the instructions of Kabaddi United Hong Kong. On the other hand, Ms. Omaira, who came from Venezuela, set up “Latin Corner” to introduce the characteristics of South America and play piñatas with participants. Moreover, the Sri Lanka Buddhist Cultural Centre introduced Sri Lankan spices and music instruments. In addition, Multiculturalism in Action Project had set up an exhibition about Pakistan society in Hong Kong and brought ethnic costumes for people to have a try. 


10月19日多元文化行動計劃在葵興石籬(一)邨舉辦「多元文化在石籬」嘉年華, 是推廣正向族群關係和跨文化主義的知識轉移項目。當天表演者包括Jackie Law (古典印度舞)、Ashmi (尼泊爾民族舞)、 斯里蘭卡佛教與文化中心(融合舞蹈)和 SARDA 樂隊(流行曲)。嘉年華也設立了主題攤位,讓街坊了解在港的少數族裔的不同文化︰ 香港卡巴迪聯盟為大家介紹南亞運動卡巴迪的玩法和體驗活動, 原藉委内瑞拉的沃美娜女士設「拉丁角」介紹南美特色還和大家玩piñatas, 斯里蘭卡佛教與文化中心向參加者介紹當地香料和樂器。多元文化行動計劃則為大家帶來香港巴基斯坦社群展覧, 以及和民族服裝試穿體驗。


圖片說明:開幕典禮中,譚教與嘉賓和表演者  (圖片來源:陳凱欣)

 Photo Caption: Prof. Tam, guests and performers in the opening ceremony(Photo credit: Connie Chan)






Photo Caption:A child is playing piñata(Photo credit: Connie Chan)





Photo Caption: Our student helper is introducing Pakistan society in Hong Kong to participant(Photo credit: Connie Chan)


[Event Recap] 宋代香丸製作工作坊




Our director, Prof. Cheung Chin-hung Sidney, had held a workshop about traditional incense of Song dynasty. Workshop has invited Ms. Takazawa Keiko and her son and Mr. Tang being our guest speakers for this workshop, and Participants can enjoy making pomander and develop an understanding towards pomander making through the workshop. About 30 participants join the workshop. The workshop won’t be successful without active participation of participants.





Photo Caption: Prof. Cheung takes photo with guests and speakers (Photo credit: Connie Chan)


[Event Recap] Multicultural in Action Project: First Multicultural Handicraft Workshop

The Multiculturalism in Action Project has conducted the first multicultural handicraft workshop last Saturday (3rd August). We are glad that 2 friends originally from Venezuela were our tutors. Omaira and Petra have lived in Hong Kong for over 20 years. They introduced the traditional Latin American game, piñata, in fluent Cantonese. They introduced the traditional Latin American game, piñata, in fluent Cantonese. First, our participants experienced playing piñata. Participants put on an eye mask and took turns to hit the piñata with a stick, which finally broke it and candies dropped from the piñata. Children clammered to get the sweets and everyone, adults and kids, laughed and had fun. Then we learned to make our own piñata. Finally, Omaira and Petra shared some sweet and savory tamales with us. The smiles on everyone's faces were symbolic of intercultural friendship!

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[Event Recap] “#FaceMatters” screening and post screening discussion

Organized by the Centre of Urban History, Culture and Media, and co-organized by Gender Research Centre and Gender Studies Program, the screening of “#FaceMatters” and post screening discussion was held on 27 February 2019. The screening was attended by a full house of teachers, staff, and students from various disciplines.

由都市歷史、文化與傳媒研究中心主辦,性別研究中心及性別研究課程合辦的 《你的樣子如何》“ #Face Matters” 紀錄片放映會及映後座談已在2019年2月27日順利舉行。放映會當日座無虛席,有來自不同學系的教職員和同學參與。

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[Event Recap] Tasting food/Tasting Cultures: Intercultural Hong Kong on the Plate

On 1-4 April 2019, Multiculturalism in Action Project (MIA), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, co-organized with the Department of Asian and International Studies, City University of Hong Kong, an intercultural program “Tasting food/Tasting Cultures: Intercultural Hong Kong on the Plate”. It was also a book launch for the MIA publication “The ICONIC Mums Kitchen: Tastes of Intercultural Hong Kong”.


Held at the City University of Hong Kong, the opening ceremony was officiated by Head of Asian International Studies Department Professor Thomson, as well as Professor Chan Yuk Wah, and CUHCM Director Professor Siumi Maria Tam. The four-day program consisted of an Exhibition on cultural diversity in Hong Kong, as well as a cooking demonstration and tasting event on April 1, which proved to be extremely popular among students, staff and the public alike.

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[Event Recap] Multicultural in Action Project: Book launch and ICONIC Mums Program Closing Ceremony

The Multiculturalism in Action Project headed by Centre Director Prof Siumi Maria Tam has sponsored a book launch at the Kowloon City Book Fair on Sunday, 17 December 2017. The book What are We Celebrating? Multicultural Festivals in Hong Kong was co-edited by Prof Tam and Dr Tang Wai-Man. The book tells us about 18 different ethnic festivals celebrated in Hong Kong, and is the first bilingual book on this topic. Written by contributors who are either anthropologists involved in the study of ethnic minority communities in Hong Kong, or are members of the ethnic groups themselves, serves as a platform for the enhancement of cross-cultural knowledge.

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[Event Recap] Moods and Emotions through Indian Kathak Dance

On 21 September 2017, there was an Indian classical dance program “Moods & Emotions through Indian Kathak Dance” organized at CUHK campus. This program was initiated by the Centre of Urban History, Culture and Media (CUHCM) of the Institute of Future Cities (IOFC), and co-organized by the Multiculturalism in Action Project (MIA). It included a seminar, a music workshop, and a dance workshop on kathak, a 2000-year-old dance from northern India. It was a great honour and privilege to have Ms. Sunayana Hazarilal and her team to be the guest speakers of this program. Ms. Hazarilal is an internationally acclaimed kathak dancer who has conducted kathak workshops in various countries including the United States, Italy, and Germany. In 2011, Ms. Hazarilal was awarded the Padma Shri (the fourth highest civilian award in India) by the Government of India.

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[活動回顧] 周大明教授學術講座和工作坊



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[Event Recap] Imagining the Future: Community Innovation and Social Resilience in Asia

group photo opening

The Centre of Urban History, Culture and Media, CUHK organized its first international conference entitled "Imagining the Future: Community Innovation and Social Resilience in Asia" on 23-25 February 2017. In the context of profound changes and uncertainties brought by globalization to physical, social, and cultural space, the conference provides an interdisciplinary forum on which scholars critically examine and imagine the future city together. Eighty scholars and practitioners from 28 different institutions in 13 different countries or territories across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas attended the 2.5 day conference.


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