Call for Papers/Panels

Panel proposals with 3-4 papers under related topics/themes are welcome. Panel proposals should include: the name of panel organizer, panel title, an abstract of up to 250 words, and information on the individual papers (see below).

Proposals for individual papers should include:
  • Title of the paper
  • Author’s name, institutional affiliation (if any), and email address
  • Abstract of up to 250 words
  • 3-5 keywords
  • One subtheme that best fits the paper. Please choose from the 12 listed in the conference home page, or propose one if none of the 12 fits.

Individual papers or panel proposals should be sent to by 15 November 2016. The files should be in Microsoft Word format (File name: Author’s Surname_Given Name.doc, e.g. Smith_John.docx) with 12-point font, single-spaced. A sample template can be download here (doc).

A limited number of sponsorships will be offered to cover the cost of accommodation and/or travel of conference participants. Please contact the conference secretariat for information on how to apply.