Urban Informatics Programme

Mission Statement

To realize visions for sustainable future cities through interdisciplinary research based on state-of-the-art software and knowledge information technology, and urban and social informatics and big data analytics.


  • To construct an Urban & Social Information Repository (USIR) that would collect, monitor, process, manipulate, analyze, and visualize big data for urban and social informatics for future city research based on and including the following:
  • Data sources and Tools: GISs, Google Map, environmental and pollution databases, remote sensing, ground-based and mobile sensor networks, social network services, weather, social databases, etc.
  • Data types: spatial, temporal, rich media, etc.
  • To empower other centres within the institute by providing consultancy, database, information and knowledge services
  • To oversee the information and knowledge management of all the five centres as data architect for the institute

Main Projects

  • Strategies for Low-carbon Transport Systems (completed)
  • Air-Pollution Decision Support System (APDSS)
    • Collecting and integrating multi-source, multi-scale air pollution related data in the APDSS
    • Developing a web interface for visualization, query and data mining of APDSS
    • Developing a mobile application for volunteer air pollution monitoring
    • Developing an adaptive modularized mobile sensors node for air pollution monitoring
    • Developing algorithms for path planning of a squadron of UAVs

    APDSS system architecture

  • Crisis Management
    For example:
    • Develop a smart building which can activate an automatic evacuation plan in case of accidence through state-of-the-art location-based devices.
    • City evacuation planning, execution and monitoring in case of earth quake, flooding or hazardous accidence.
  • Urban planning based on environmental and social problems.
    For example:
    Design of a smart city using novel modeling, prediction, and visualization technology, etc.

Work in Progress


Centre Director: Prof. LEUNG Kwong-Sak

Members: Prof. FUNG Tung, Prof. Mantian Mandy HU, Prof. Irwin KING, Prof. KWOK Bit-Chee, Prof. Gabriel LAU, Prof. LEUNG Yee, Prof. Steve YIM, Prof. Man-Hon WONG, Prof. WOO Kam Sang