Centre of Urban Sustainability


Centre of Urban Sustainability focuses on research studies of how the built environment affects the living quality of urban dwellers. Our mission is to improve urban living quality now and for our next generations. The primary objective is to understand the environmental dynamics of city living and guide actions and policies. We conduct studies on how the built environment affects urban climate and the implications on climate-sensitive urban planning and design. We also work with public health experts to investigate the inter-relationships between built environment, climate and health of residents.


Mission Statement

We seek way to improve the urban living quality now and for our next generations.




Main Projects


Recent Projects

  1. Data Platform of Urban Environmental Quality for Sustainable and Resilient Cities
  2. Healthy Cities – Impact of Built Environment on Urban Living
  3. Increasing the Resilience to the Health Impacts of Extreme Weather on Elderly People under Future Climate Change
  4. Study of Design Considerations for Government Infrastructures in Hong Kong under Extreme Temperatures
  5. Designing better urban green spaces for active ageing in high-density cities
  6. The impacts of future urban development on the urban climate of Hong Kong: A numerical modelling approach 



Centre Director/ExCo Chairperson:

Prof. Edward NG


ExCo Committee members:

Dr Kevin Ka-Lun LAU, Dr Yuan SHI



Prof. David CHEN, Prof. Emily CHAN, Prof. Derrick LAI, Prof. Gabriel LAU, Prof. LEUNG Yee, Prof. John NG, Prof. REN Chao, Prof. Shelly TSE, Prof. XU Yuan, Prof. Steve YIM